Reseller Questions and Answers

Can anyone become a reseller?

Yes, we allow any customer to signup to our reseller package giving benefits such as discounded services and FREE hosting.

How long will it take to be setup?

Your reseller package will be live instantly for you to take full advantage of our reseller price plan

Can I have a free trial or demo account?

Our Sales team have a demo account and can give you access if you want to experience HostLove in all its glory.

Can I create my own nameservers?

Yes, this can be done in the end user control panel on your customers domains.

What are the benefits of becoming a reseller?

HostLove offer a simple hosting reseller option. The package comes with free unlimited webhosting and big discounts on server and email products.

Do you offer a billing system for my end-users?

Billing is handled by you as the reseller, you can establish your own price points and costs.

Can your control panels be white labelled?

Yes you can fully customise your end user control panel, including your own logos, phone numbers and a choice of colour scheemes.

Do you have an API?

The HostLove API is suitable for Resellers who want the freedom to automate their online hosting business and increase revenue. This robust API (Application Programming Interface) gives you complete control and functionality for the reselling of domain names and hosting solutions.

Please find the documentation for our jSON based API here

Please note the end-point for the API is :

How much does it cost?

The HostLove Reseller Package is £20 per month

Do I get a special support or an account manager?

We offer Support 24x7 from our UK support team, Depending on the size of your account we can allocate you a HostLove Account Manager.

What can I offer my customers?

You can offer your customers any service from out portfolio as well as their own End User Control Panel.

How do I pay for my services/subscription?

You can pay for your services by adding funds to your reseller account.

Do you offer special rates for domain names?

Domain costs reduce the longer term you purchase them over.

Can I provide a control panel to my end customers?


Do you offer support to my end customers?

No, however we do offer setup guides on Your Support Services

Can I have reseller rates and not resell ?

Yes, if you want to buy services at a discounted rate you can sign up for our reseller service.

Do you offer bulk management for domain names?

Yes, you can do bulk changes via the Control Panel

Do I have to host my websites with HostLove?

No, you can pick and choose what services you host with us, however we would recomend you use our services as your end users can easily manage them via the End User Control Panel

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The best extensions at flat reseller prices. We provide full DNS functionality and a mobile friendly multi-tiered control panel.

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Security and reassurance - HostLove provide a full selection of Secure certificates from simple to extended validation solutions.

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