Renewing Domain Names

How do I renew my domain name?

If your domain comes up for renewal you can renew it via the HostLove control panel, you also have the option to select autorenew which safeguards customers valuable domain names and hosting packages.

What types of renewal does HostLove offer?

Customers can manually renew services via the control panel or enable autorenew which gives customers the peace of mind that they will not lose services critical to their business.

Can I renew over the phone?

Yes you can renew all services by calling our sales and renewals department on 0207 448 4606

Can I renew online?

Yes you can manually renew your services from the “Packages >> Upcoming Renewals” section of the reseller control panel

Do you offer Auto Renewal services?

Yes, this can be enabled and disabled via the “Packages >> All Packages” section of the reseller control panel.

Can I have reminders for Auto Renewal?

As there is no action required by you, there is no requirement to issue renewal reminders

How will I know if my domain needs to be renewed?

We will send you a renewal reminder 60 days prior to the renewal date of your domain name. We do offer an auto renew service and encourage customers to enable this feature in the control panel.

Managing Domain Names

How can I assign different contact or companies to a domain name?

This can be fully managed in the Reseller Control Panel.

What are the different contacts relating to domain names?

There are 4 different contacts assigned to a domain name.
• Registrant Contact – this is the organisation or person that owns the domain
• Admin Contact – this is the person that deals with non-technical matters relating to the domain (legal matters, ownership changes etc)
• Technical Contact – this is the person that deals with technical matters relating to your domain, usually the webmaster
• Billing Contact – this is the person that deals with billing issues on your account

Can my customer have access to their domain name controls, but not others that I own?

Your end user can update their details via the End User Control Panel, this in turn will update the contact details for the domain.

Do you offer full phone technical support?

Yes telephone support is available Monday – Friday 09:00 until 17:30, we do offer support via tickets 24x7

How can ensure my registration details are hidden?

You can opt in to our WHOIS Privacy service at signup or within the HostLove control panel. This will hide the registration details from the WHOIS database.


What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) can be described in simple terms as a telephone directory for your domain; it identifies how your domain name works and translates a range of numbers (IP addresses) into a human readable format.

How can I modify the DNS for a domain?

We offer full DNS control in the End User Control Panel.

How long does it take for DNS to update?

DNS should update instantly however it can take up to 24 hours to propagate over the internet.

What are Name servers?

Name servers identify where your DNS is located, in simple terms the database that controls your DNS.

How do I modify the name servers for my domain name?

Your nameservers can be updated via the End User Control Panel.

Transfering Domain Names

How do I transfer .uk domains to

Contact your existing domain registration company and ask them to amend the IPS tag to HOSTLOVE.

Do you charge for transferring a domain name away from HostLove?

No as per your signup agreement there is no hidden charges.

My domain name is registered with another company can I transfer it to HostLove?

Yes, you can transfer your domain to HostLove from your control panel, free of charge.

How long will it take for a domain name the transfer to complete?

uk domain names can take 24 hours to come into our control once your existing domain registrar has updated the IPS tag. Other domain names require you to unlock the domain name and request an authorisation code from your existing domain registrar, HostLove will then send a transfer request, the transfer will take up to 7 days to complete after the transfer request has been approved with the authorisation code.

What is the HostLove IPS-Tag?

The HostLove IPS tag is HOSTLOVE

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